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We welcome all artwork submissions. Themes are wildlife, endangered species, ethnicity and Chicago history. Please be aware that the Keim mineral-based paint we use, tends to the earth tones -- no intense brights in the range of colors available to us. Details on our artwork selection procedures are available upon request.

Submissions must be postmarked by July 3, 2008 to be considered for this season, and we will notify you by July 10 if your artwork is chosen. Send your submissions via U.S. Mail to the P.O. Box at the top of the form (same as at the bottom of this page).

Painting Saturdays are July 26, August 2, 16 and 23, 10:00am-4:15pm. You must commit to attending at least two painting Saturdays, but if you can commit to attending three or four, it'll probably go much better for all concerned.

To download an Acrobat PDF of the current artwork submission form: http://www.hubbardstreetmurals.com/files/HSMP_artsubform_08.pdf

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