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The Hubbard Street Mural Project is always in need of sponsors and donors. We use your donations to fund the purchase of supplies needed to keep the mural project going (there are over 190 panels). These include mural-grade paint, primer, scaffolding components, brushes, plastic jars and trays for mixing paint, rags for clean up, brush cleaner, masking tape, office supplies to maintain contact with our volunteers and artists, pencils and erasers, rulers and various other supplies as needed. You may choose to donate specific items in kind or give a cash gift that will be used to purchase needed items. We appreciate any and all donations – no donation is too small. Hubbard Street Mural Project is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Please mail us a check, or E-mail/call to tell us what you'd like to offer.

Please mail your check to Hubbard Street Mural Project, P.O. Box 11165, Chicago IL 60611. We will supply our tax EIN number (as a not-for-profit organization), with your thank-you note.

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.
Union Pacific Railroad
Northwestern School of Law - Small Business Opportunity Center
Bari Italian Foods
Bert's Car Wash
Johnny Borland
Monica Brown
Buonjiorno Café
Burn Rome Burn
The Carreno Family
Cricket Rumor Mill
DıAmato's Bakery
Jennie Darang
Julie Elders
The Feather Building
1st Security Federal Savings Bank
John Goeppner
Kelly & Robert Gonter
Rosemary Harm
HarmCo Design
Steven Hengesbaugh
Christopher Jones
Keim Paints
Herman Kelting
Mark Laurence
Winnthrop Maass
Mobile Mini, Inc.
Carol Muth & Derek Noble
Tim O'Mahony
Edna Porter
Roots Hair Salon
Frank Saibert
Salerno's Restaurant
Fred & Anne Schwartz
Sip Coffeehouse & Garden
Terry's Toffee
Annick Thorsen
Vashti Varnado

This project is partially supported by a CityArts Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and Union Pacific Railroad.

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(773) 250-7771 - HubbardStMural@yahoo.com - P.O. Box 11165, Chicago IL 60611